Off-grid without compromise?


This blog is dedicated to explaining how you can live off-grid in a modern house (almost) without compromise.

Yes it can be done – I’m doing it as you read this, and in the following posts I’ll give the readers some more insight into the motivation, trade-offs, benefits, downsides etc.

With my own technical background and propensity for modern design the content will naturally be focused on technical solutions and design challenges.

In my own research I found most off-grid web sites doing a good job explaining how to build a solar powered (PV) system in remote locations such as cabins, sheds and wells etc.

What’s missing however is how to build or retrofit a modern house. With that I mean 2,000 sq. ft + house with modern conveniences such as A/C, flat-screen TVs, house A/V system, wireless internet, normal fridge, pool, etc. The list goes on….

I also find myself on a very regular basis explaining the basics of solar systems to my well educated high-tech friends. So it got me thinking that maybe there is a need for a blog like this that explains in more detail the decisions I made while building my house from scratch in 2011-2013.

I welcome your feedback, questions and comments any time.

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6 thoughts on “Off-grid without compromise?

  1. Dear Henrik, I am really impressed about your blog regarding off-grid without compromise.
    We are building a summerhouse in Spain and we have no other means than going off-grid !
    In this respect I would like to ask if you have ever considered to use Ni-Fe (nickel-iron) batteries,I read that the Edison-battery is almost the best for PV utility, but my preference is going towards the Tesla Powerwall. Would appreciate your feedback on it. Many thanks in advance.
    Kind regards, Paul

    • Hi Paul, sorry for my late response. I would most certainly look into the Tesla Power wall if I built my house today. My Lead Acid is an old but reliable technology so if you are “far away” and 100% dependent I’d probably go that route for a few more years until it’s more proven. Leave it to someone else to beta test your hardware and software. Also look into this new class of PV batteries: – I hear good things.

  2. Henrik, What do you do for internet access? Are you wired or rely solely on wifi via cell or satellite? How is the cell reception where you are?

    Thanks, love the site.


    • Hi Alex, I had wifi via Verizon LTE but you can’t get an unlimited data plan so it’s too costly. Now I’m using microwave – works great except in high winds – when the antenna is shaking too much. I’m getting 15m down and 2-4m up with a latency of 30-40ms. Satellite sucks. Way too high latency for voip/webex etc.

  3. I’ve been kicking around microwave as we plan our build in rural new hampshire. There are a few cell options, but like you said, with non-unlimited plans it makes no sense – and there is similar issues with satellite. Thanks for the update!


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