Off-grid without compromise?

This blog is dedicated to explaining how you can live off-grid in a modern house (almost) without compromise.

Yes it can be done – I’m doing it as you read this, and in the following posts I’ll give the readers some more insight into the motivation, trade-offs, benefits, downsides etc.

With my own technical background and propensity for modern design the content will naturally be focused on technical solutions and design challenges.

In my own research I found most off-grid web sites doing a good job explaining how to build a solar powered (PV) system in remote locations such as cabins, sheds and wells etc.

What’s missing however is how to build or retrofit a modern house. With that I mean 2,000 sq. ft + house with modern conveniences such as A/C, flat-screen TVs, house A/V system, wireless internet, normal fridge, pool, etc. The list goes on….

I also find myself on a very regular basis explaining the basics of solar systems to my well educated high-tech friends. So it got me thinking that maybe there is a need for a blog like this that explains in more detail the decisions I made while building my house from scratch in 2011-2013.

I welcome your feedback, questions and comments any time.


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